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Backhaul & Contribution Applications

Niagara has Backhaul and Contribution solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable.  We undertand broadcast, contribution and backhaul requirements.  We also understand challenges including latency and networks.
Problems we can help you solve involving Backhaul & Contribution include
  • Deploying quickly for fast breaking news, events or sports functions
  • Providing cost effective links versus expensive satellite or fiber connections
  • Reaching more locations by deploying low CAPEX equipment and easier to use equipment and workflows that result in lower OPEX
  • How to take advantage of codecs with Internet based transport protocols that can stream at low bit rates yet yield high quality video
Solutions we provide address Backhaul & Contribution issues and challenges
  • Niagara Video is using the latest FEC solutions to accomplish reliable connection over the Internet including HLS for robustness and XRT for low latency
  • If you need portable and easy to use encoders and decoders …we have solutions
  • Our encoding efficiency is such that you can backhaul HD video at 5-6 Mbps, or less
  • If you want the flexibility of using broadcast or streaming technologies they are available in our products
With our Internet based backhaul and contribution solutions get access to more content and extend your reach.
With our Backhaul & Contribution solutions organizations benefit from

No dedicated network required

On the fly set up and streaming

Less need of more expensive gear …& trucks

Reduced personnel requirements


For two decades Niagara products have stood for quality and reliability.  Many of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers, and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Video products every day to deliver high-quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world.  Reach out to Niagara Video for a trusted partner for your video and streaming needs.