How to Publish and Stream to Facebook:  

Publishing live streams to Facebook has become increasingly popular.  Facebook has 2 Billion users.  That is billion with a CAPITAL B!  Wow…  To say that Facebook is a great way to reach many viewers … is really stating the obvious.  The 2 billion users of Facebook compare very favorably to 1.5 billion YouTube users, 700 million Instagram users and 325 million Twitter users.  Of course, in addition to supporting streaming live to Facebook, Niagara Video has solutions for all of these social media portals.

To use your Niagara Video encoder for Facebook is pretty easy.  Select the Publishing Tools link at the top of your Facebook page, …this means that you need to first set up a “page” if you haven’t done so already.  Then you need to go through the steps of selecting your video library, adding live video, entering your Facebook stream key and password, selecting encoding parameters, configuring your encoder, and finally to GO LIVE.

We have written up some easy to follow guides for how to post to Facebook with our encoders and posted them on our “How To Guides” page.  Please feel free to check them out.

Niagara can help you cover any requirements where you need to stream to Facebook (or other social media).  Please give us a call or an email to discuss how we can help you address this potential need.

Happy Streaming from Niagara Video!

September 25, 2017