Monetize Content, Reach Wider.  Any device, any place, anytime.

Internet Streaming Applications

Niagara has Internet Streaming solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable.

  • Problems we can help you solve regarding Internet Streaming include
    • How can you monetize your content, …whether it is a single stream or 100’s of streams?
    • How do organizations reach large numbers of viewers cost effectively?
    • How to output content with high video quality, and do it quickly.
    • How to deliver high-quality video, but at the lowest bandwidth possible.
    • How to get access to video tools that integrate into your existing workflow and provide ease of use.

Solutions we provide address Internet Streaming issues and challenges

  • We have solutions ranging from dense transcoding for IPTV or virtual MVPDs to small form factor portables that can get single video channels straight to the web.
  • We can help you get your content in front of a worldwide audience with our global reach and ecosystem experience.
  • Whether it is turning around a large quantity of channels or streaming to social media we have you covered.
  • Additionally, we can save your organization money and CDN costs with low bit rate, yet high quality video streams.
With Niagara Video Internet streaming solutions organizations can

Monetize Content

Reach Wide Audiences

Deploy Quickly

Be Cost Effective