Stream from Anywhere.  Stream to Anywhere.  To any device, anytime.

Live Events Applications

Niagara has Live Event solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable.

We have many customers and tons of experience in the live event streaming space.  Contact us to learn more about how we have helped hese customers and how we coudl assist you!

Problems we can help you solve regarding Internet Streaming include

  • How can you stream high-quality live video to large audiences any place anytime.
  • Address streaming rquirements to a variety of end devices your viewers will want to use.
  • Handling requirements to stream or broadcast at low bit rates that might be required by the available onsite network.
  • Dealing with how can you stream from locations without a formal head end or equipment room.

Solutions we provide address Live Events issues and challenges

  • We provide encoders and transcoders that provide premium quality video and support of low bit rates
  • Our solutions are easy to deploy, …we have solutions that range from ultra-portable to ultra-dense for high channel counts
  • Niagara is well integrated with CDN companies allowing you to push your streams quickly out to the masses
  • With Niagara video, you can stream on the fly and deploy virtually anywhere, under almost any circumstances

With our Live Event solutions organizations benefit from these Niagara Video capabilities

Portable & Robust

Stream from anywhere

Scalable platforms

Utilize any network



For two decades Niagara products have stood for quality and reliability.  Many of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers, and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Video products every day to deliver high-quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world.  Reach out to Niagara Video for a trusted partner for your video and streaming needs.