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Low Latency Applications

Niagara has Low Latency solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable.
Niagara has many customers that require low latency solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about how we have helped them … and how we could assist you!
Niagara Video provides a variety of solutions involving Low Latency
  • Gambling, betting and bidding business often require low latency video streaming
  • Video gaming over the Internet requires timely streaming …and we have the right solutions
  • Second screen experiences must be synced with the primary broadcast signal …this requires low latency
  • Video chat requires low latency encode and decode, …Niagara Video has you covered
Solutions Niagara Video provide address the issues and challenges of Low Latency
  • We are using the latest transport and FEC solutions to accomplish reliable connection over the Internet including RTMP, WebRTC, XRT, HTML5
  • Instead of using expensive satellite or leased fiber we enable use of the public Internet with similar capabilities regarding latency
  • Low latency technology combined with the flexibility of using encoders that transport over the Internet opens up where you can capture live video
  • Our solutions utilize standards based solutions which are compatible across your network architecture
With our Low Latency solutions organizations benefit from these Niagara Video capabilities

Support for latest web protocols

Low cost transport on public Internet

Foolproof and easy to use & deploy

Portable, robust and durable.  Go anywhere.


For two decades Niagara products have stood for quality and reliability.  Many of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers, and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Video products every day to deliver high-quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world.  Reach out to Niagara Video for a trusted partner for your video and streaming needs.