Low latency streaming:  

Latency does not have to be an overwhelming concern when it comes to streaming or transporting digital video over IP networks.  Our encoders can be set to your preferred ABR profiles … or use MPEG TS for the least amount of potential latency.

Latency is often measured glass to glass.  This term means from the time an image hits the glass of a camera lens to the time it is displayed on a monitor.  Some of the most perplexing problems with latency occur during interviews.  This is often a requirement for broadcasters, sports and news organizations.  Getting a feedback from a live event like a sports event at the same time it might be coming back from other sources, or at the same time scores and stats are displayed on the web, is also often a concern.

We have some excellent low latency encoders and decoders in the form of our B264 Encoders and Decoders.  These encoders have been widely deployed by broadcasters, sports and news organizations where and when latency really counts.  Our B264 also comes in a handy ½ rack size making is super portable and easily deployable.  Please feel free to check them out in the Products section of our website.

Niagara can help you cover any requirements where latency is critical.  Please give us a call or an email to discuss how we can help you address this potential pain point.

Happy Streaming from Niagara Video!

August 7, 2016