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PEG / Public Education & Government Access Applications

Niagara Video has PEG solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable.

Problems we can help you solve regarding PEG include

  • There are shrinking budgets but more demanding requirements for today’s PEG organizations
  • How can Public Education and Governmental entities capture video and stream effectively from where meetings and events are held?
  • How can PEG providers get easy to use tools into the hands of operators that are often not broadcast professionals?
  • How can PEG be delivered from locations that often have less than ideal Internet connectivity?

Solutions we provide address PEG issues and challenges

  • Niagara Video has a variety of solutions ranging from low cost single channel encoders to dense encoder transcoder solutions which drive down cost per channel
  • We have solutions for AT&T Uverse head-ends, cable head ends, YouTube Live, FaceBook Live and other popular CDNs all from one encoder
  • We offer ultra-portable and ultra-robust solutions allowing deployments virtually anywhere and from non-broadcast type facilities
  • Our solutions are easy to use and streams can be up and running in minutes, GUI of equipment is intuitive and logical
  • Our solutions have efficient compression that provide high quality video at low bandwidth …you choose your priority

With our PEG solutions organizations benefit from

Ease of use, for a variety of operators

Cost Effective, both CAPEX & OPEX

Low bit rate, high quality video

Robust, portable, & deployable anywhere