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PEG / Public Education & Government Access Applications

Niagara Video has PEG solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable.

We have many customers in the public, educational, government access television segment.  In particular, we have tried and true Windows Media codec encoders to support AT&T U-verse heads going back to our ViewCast days.  We also have solutions for all other cable or Telco head ends.  Contact us to learn more about how we have helped these customers … and how we can assist you!

Problems we can help you solve regarding PEG include

  • There are shrinking budgets but more demanding requirements for today’s PEG organizations
  • Best practices for Public Education and Governmental entities to capture video and stream effectively from where meetings and events are held.
  • How can PEG providers get easy to use tools into the hands of operators that are often not broadcast professionals?
  • Optimum ways PEG be delivered from locations that often have less than ideal Internet connectivity.

Solutions we provide address PEG issues and challenges

  • Niagara Video has a variety of solutions ranging from low cost single channel encoders to dense encoder transcoder solutions which drive down cost per channel
  • We have solutions for AT&T Uverse head-ends, cable head ends, YouTube Live, FaceBook Live and other popular CDNs all from one encoder
  • Niagara Video offers ultra-portable and ultra-robust solutions allowing deployments virtually anywhere and from non-broadcast type facilities
  • Our solutions are easy to use and streams can be up and running in minutes, GUI of equipment is intuitive and logical
  • Niagara Video solutions have efficient compression that provide high quality video at low bandwidth …you choose your priority

With our PEG solutions organizations benefit from

Ease of use, for a variety of operators

Cost Effective, both CAPEX & OPEX

Low bit rate, high quality video

Robust, portable, & deployable anywhere


For two decades Niagara products have stood for quality and reliability.  Many of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers, and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Video products every day to deliver high-quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world.  Reach out to Niagara Video for a trusted partner for your video and streaming needs.