Niagara Video Has Streaming Solutions For Every Application

Whether you need to turn around and transcode 100’s of channels for IPTV or OTT, capture several feeds from a site in a compact encoder, or capture single streams with a portable, flexible and durable encoder…  we have you covered.  Check out all our products on their individual product pages.

stream anywhere with Niagara Video

Stream and Encode with Niagara Video

Niagara Video is the next generation of solutions from ViewCast the company that also launched Osprey Video capture cards.  We have been around since the beginning of streaming.  We have been there and done that in the streaming space.  

Meet our All-Star Streaming Solutions

9400 Series Transcoder

9300 Series Transcoder

9200 Series Encoder & Transcoder

9100 Series Encoder

StreaMaster / Silicon Dust Receivers

GoStream Encoders

GoStream 2200

Niagara GoStream 2200 Encoder

GoStream B264

GoStream Mini 150

Mini 150 H.264 MPEG-2 Encoder

GoStream Mini 100

Niagara TV



Whether you need of 100’s of channels transcoded or a single stream captured economically … we have solutions.

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