Video Streaming by House of Worship customers:  

When it comes to streaming, many people often think of Netflix and YouTube or they think of big traditional media companies like HBO, NBCUniversal, Discovery or ESPN.  For sure, these companies are part of the video streaming vanguard.  However, House of Worship and Faith-based organizations seized upon video streaming technology very early in its rollout and constitute a large number of current video streamers.

We are proud to have many of these organizations as our customers.  Countless House of Worship customers have relied on Niagara Video streaming solutions and they have made us a better company and technology innovator as we have met their requirements and special needs.

Our Faith-based customers typically have audiences that are very comfortable viewing streaming video … as they are doing this for entertainment purposes also.  Faith-based customers can really expand their reach using streaming.  We have had customers extend their reach to different countries and also dramatically increase their donor pool simply by using streaming.  Parishioners who are not feeling well can still view services when they are streamed.  The uses of video for these Faith-based customers are numerous.

Our Faith-based customers typically understand video production very well.  Although their production is smaller scale, than say broadcasters, they get the basics of good live production values.  Typically, they place an emphasis on good prosumer cameras which can capture great HD video.  Our Faith customers also focus on quality lighting and audio.  We are very pleased to be able to assist these customers and to help them expand their digital community and increase their total audience.

Niagara can help you cover any requirements present for House of Worship customers.  Please give us a call or an email to discuss how we can help you address your needs.

Happy Streaming from Niagara Video!

March 16, 2017